A FAMILY set to put their last £20 into the electricity meter have revealed how a National-supported energy service has helped them.

The couple, who asked not to be named for fear of stigma, have two young children, one aged six and one just 11 months.

They both have serious health issues and are currently shielding, and lost much of their income due to benefits cuts that they are now challenging.

As a result of their health problems, which include migraines and chronic pain, they have been unable to drastically reduce their power consumption in line with their cash cut.

The curtains at their Renfrewshire home often have to be drawn during the day, while the pain condition means it must be kept warm.

The Paisley couple, both aged 34, say the HEAT advice service run by the Wise Group social enterprise has been a lifeline. It’s supported by donations from The National’s fuel poverty scheme in conjunction with Together Energy.

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For every new sign-up, a portion of proceeds is channelled into tackling fuel poverty for the length of the contract.

As much as £6000 has been handed over so far, with more to come.

The couple say they faced using their last £20 to feed their meter and “being left with nothing” before HEAT adviser Nan Lynas provided them with £50 credit to keep their power on.

The problem was fixed within hours of contacting the service.

The couple said: “We can’t thank her enough for the help, it’s amazing.”

On the stigma faced by struggling households – around 25% of all those in Scotland are estimated to have problems paying power bills – they said: “People look down on you if they know you’re getting help. It would be all over Facebook.

“Our situation is really bad. We’ve had loans in the past and we’ll need to pay all that off. It’s leaving us basically nothing.”

For more information or to sign up to the Together Energy Green Brexit Protect 25 Month deal and help us fight fuel poverty, visit www.bit.ly/national500.