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THE UK Government is in the process of “ending free movement while opening up to the world”. Presumably it is also going to bring about peace through war and ensure freedom through slavery.

And, as we have seen from the behaviour of some in government, it seems like we are all in this together while devolved nations are shunned and entitled folk in government do their own thing regardless of the consequences.

We’re all in this together, you know – apart from the people who can afford to go it alone.

On top of this we’re being told to social distance and wear masks in shops and in workplaces, yet there’s barely a mask in sight in the House of Commons while MPs line up to vote – not socially distanced – to end their ability to attend parliament virtually when some of them inevitably get sick.

Confusing and contradictory seems to be the Tory way at the moment, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise they have lumped for a woman pictured with alleged far-right activists to sit on the Immigration Bill Committee.

Dehenna Davison, who was elected to represent what was then the Labour-stronghold of Bishop Aukland, tweeted that she now has an “exciting opportunity to help shape this landmark bill and deliver the end to freedom of movement”.

Davison, who in 2018 appeared in Channel 4 programme Bride & Prejudice with now-husband John Fareham – a man 35 years her senior – was pictured at a Brexit party in January with two individuals accused of Islamophobia.

One of those, Colin Raine, was banned from the Tory party after being accused of organising a far-right rally and posting Islamophobic comments online. Raine denies this.

Davison was also pictured holding a flag with Andrew Foster, a man described by anti-racism campaigners as a “Muslim-hating extremist”. Pictures on Facebook alleged to be of Foster next to a sign which reads “Fuck Pakis” and burning a Qur’an.

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Foster is also alleged to have had a Twitter account suspended after praising Hitler and wishing him a happy birthday and a separate Facebook account of his is alleged to have posted a comment on a picture of the German dictator which said “we need some more of this spirit in our town mate”.

Not exactly the type of men you’d take home to your parents...

The Bishop Aukland MP denies any links to the men she was pictured with at the “public” event and said she does not share the men’s views. However, campaign group Hope Not Hate, who revealed the images, said the men are “extreme individuals” who “should not be welcome at mainstream political gatherings”.

Furthermore, even though Raine was banned from the Tory party in March of last year, an online account believed to be his claims he met Davison a month later at one of those pesky “public” events.

That same account posted a clip of Davison and described her as “our candidate”.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act...