CAR use rocketed as high as 110% on Scotland's roads at the weekend after lockdown eased, figures reveal.

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said the "significant rise" included volumes "beyond what would be expected to be generated by local residents" and suggest breaches of 5mile journey rules.

He said: "I understand that lockdown has been tough – and coupled with the fantastic weather we have experienced, I appreciate the temptation is there to travel further to see your friends and loved ones or to enjoy some of our most scenic routes.

"I would again ask that you follow the guidance to stay at home where you can or stay local where possible.

"Every contact with someone outside your household creates another opportunity for this virus to take a stronger hold in our communities."

Transport Scotland data reveals car levels on tourist routes were up 110% on Saturday and Sunday last week, compared with 10% over Monday-Thursday.

Lockdown easing came into force on Friday, giving Scots the chance to meet friends and family again within strict distance limits and caps on the number of people allowed to gather. Social distancing remains in place and meetings of members of more than two households are not allowed.

For non-tourist roads, the increase was 70% and the rise at cross-Border areas was 35%.

Meanwhile, cycling levels rose by 170% and train use went up by 65%, compared with 30% for buses.

Matheson said: "We need to continue to think carefully about how we travel and when we travel in order to protect ourselves and the people we care about.

"Even though the guidance has changed to allow us to catch up with those dearest to us after so much time apart, please remember that these are still not normal times and it shouldn’t feel like it – so please keep this in mind as you plan ahead."