WHEN Unionist troll accounts aren’t spreading rumours about the First Minister’s hair, it seems we can rely on unelected lords to do their job for them.

Late last night Lord Digby Jones, a non-politically aligned peer and former trade minister, tweeted to say it was “concerning” him that Nicola Sturgeon’s hair looks immaculate.

He posted on his account: “Something that’s concerning me: how come with enforced social distancing, Nicola Sturgeon’s hair is immaculate?

“All done herself? Always? I think we should be told!

“C’mon Nicola! All your own work? Surely not! One rule for the rulers …”

Good to see some self-awareness coming from a life peer there, but let’s move on …

The rumour that world leaders are still getting their hair cut professionally during coronavirus lockdowns has spread like wildfire in recent weeks after starting over on mainland Europe.

However it is completely unfounded and largely has been amplified by anonymous social media accounts.

This morning the SNP leader reassured the lord there was no need for his concern – and took a bit of a dig at those spreading the suggestion around.

She replied: “The number of men, like his Lordship here, who are obsessed with my hair is a bit weird tbh.

“Whereas most women look at it and just know no hairdresser has been anywhere near it,” followed by a crying laughing emoji.

The First Minister has posted pictures of her trimming her hair and spoken about her experience dyeing it herself without the help of her trusty hairdresser.

SNP MP Douglas Chapman was quick to point out the ridiculousness of Lord Digby Jones’s suggestion.

He posted: “As a former Director General of the CBI and Minister of State for Trade and Investment, I would have thought Digby would be more focussed on how we gradually reboot the economy in what is going to be a very different world. #NewNormal.”

We’re looking forward to hearing these weird rumours spread about Willie Rennie, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard etc … but we won’t hold our breath.