SCOTLAND’S only Labour MP has defended Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus crisis while attacking Nicola Sturgeon’s approach in a Zoom call obtained by the Guido Fawkes website.

The Edinburgh South MP and shadow Scottish secretary argued the coronavirus situation in Scotland is “worse than what’s happening in England” in the clip posted to the website.

Complaining about PPE issues and testing levels, he said: “All of these in Scotland actually in a lot of instances are worse than what’s happening in England.

“But Boris gets the blame and not Nicola Sturgeon.”

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The MP also went on to criticise the UK media for its praise of the Scottish Government’s handling of the crisis.

He said: “The second big crux of all of that is the UK media in terms of its knowledge of Scotland and Scottish politics is nothing short of absolutely deplorable. It would be like me doing a clip to camera in the next 10 minutes or writing a story about the opposition in Uganda. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

“But I’d go on and do it anyway and I’d say you know the opposition in Uganda’s fantastic because that’s what I read in my last newspaper article that I read about this.”

He said he’d spoken to Robert Peston, Kay Burley and the BBC and urged them to “know what they’re talking about” when reporting on the situation in Scotland.

It comes after Murray provoked anger online by calling for a “UK-wide approach” to fighting coronavirus during last night’s question time.

The demand came a day before it was revealed that while the UK has the second-worst Covid-19 death rate in the world, without Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales accounted for England has the worst death rate of any country in the world providing such data.