SCOTLAND’S only Labour MP has been criticised for pushing for a “UK-wide approach” to tackling coronavirus during last night’s Question Time.

Ian Murray complained that it was “ridiculous” that lockdown easing measures were different in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England – despite health being a devolved matter in each nation and Covid-19 outbreaks differing on a geographical basis.

During the programme the shadow Scotland secretary was criticised online for spending more time attacking the Scottish Government than the Tories. The MP’s name was trending on Twitter following the broadcast.

Speaking on the show, Murray called on the UK’s nations to work together as one in the fight against the virus. His demand came a day before it emerged England’s coronavirus death rate is the worst in the world when Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are removed from the stats.

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The Edinburgh South MP said: “I think, Fiona, one of the key features of this whole pandemic has been the lack of a co-ordinated international response – and I’m tempted at this point to say viewers in Scotland please turn over to BBC2 because we cant even get the four nations to work together.

“So the explanation that Helen gave at the very start is different in Scotland, it’s going to be different in Wales and different in Northern Ireland and why we don’t have co-ordination across the UK is one of the big questions that people keep asking.”

Shortly after the panel members discussed the lockdown easing measures in England and Scotland. The Scottish Government, from today, is allowing eight people from two different households to meet up while staying two metres apart and staying in a public or private place. From Monday, people in England will be able to meet with six people from six different households under the same circumstances.

Asked by host Fiona Bruce whether that meant people could have a barbeque, Murray said: “You can ... two households, no more than eight people, six in England, two households can meet socially distanced in public or private outdoor spaces.

“This is how ridiculous this whole situation is. It’s eight in Scotland, six in England, why can’t we just get a UK-wide approach and everybody works together.”

The suggestion sparked a debate online. Journalist Alan Campbell said: “Lost all respect for Ian Murray after watching him on #bbcqt tonight.

“A Westminster Labour MP far more concerned about attacking the Scottish government than the Conservative one in London. A glaring example of why his party is now an irrelevance in Scotland."

Chris Paton added: "Ian Murray in the first minute of #bbcqt showing why Scotland has just one Labour MP..."

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Another Twitter user posted angrily: "Ian Murray absolutely desperate to give the Tories control of what happens in Wales, Scotland and NI."

And David Hulme called the MP a "Tory cheerleader".

Also on the programme, Health and Social Care minister Helen Whately sparked backlash after struggling to explain self-isolation rules in the wake of the Dominic Cummings scandal.