A PRO-independence blogger is running a fundraising campaign to determine if the Dominic Cummings scandal has increased Yes voters.

James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop launched the campaign to commission a poll on GoFundMe after requests from readers. 

He said it is "it's reasonable to wonder" if Cummings making two trips during lockdown has changed the minds of No voters.

The Tories have already slipped down four percentage points in voting intentions, according to a YouGov poll on May 26.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser has already raised £3595 of its £6000 target but Kelly says even if he does not meet the target it is still possible for the poll to go ahead with some adjustments.

The new poll will ask "Should Scotland be an independent country?", and will also ask the public to say what party they would vote for in a General Election.

"There will be room for a few supplementary questions of interest to the Yes movement," Kelly said. "I have some ideas, but I'll ask for suggestions before making a final decision."

He added: "The revelations about the Prime Minister's chief adviser, and his subsequent refusal to resign, has led to hurt and anger among millions of people who have made considerable personal sacrifices to obey the lockdown rules since March. 

"We already know that the Conservative lead in Britain-wide polls has fallen sharply as a result, and it's reasonable to wonder if it may have caused some No voters in Scotland to think again about independence."

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Kelly spoke about his initial uncertainty to run the campaign during the coronavirus pandemic.

He wrote on his blog: "To be honest, I was unsure if it was such a great idea to attempt to crowdfund in the middle of a pandemic when many people are struggling, so I asked for your views, and the reaction to the proposal was largely positive – albeit not unanimously so. We'll give it a whirl and see how it goes."

Kelly said he will still commission a poll even if one is done before he has finished.

"Bear in mind also that there's always a chance that an independence poll could suddenly appear in a newspaper at any time," he continued. 

"There would still be considerable value in a 'second opinion' from a further poll, and the supplementary questions would still be well worth asking."

Donate to the fundraiser here.