A CLIP of Dominic Cummings’s father-in-law discussing the “quality” of peoples’ genes has been shared widely online.

The video, which was part of a 2012 documentary programme called The Guest Wing, shows the baronet saying “one is the subject of one's genes”.

Cummings, the Prime Minister’s top adviser currently facing calls to resign over a 260-mile lockdown trip to Durham while sick with Covid-19, hired someone earlier this year who promptly resigned amid a row over race and eugenics.

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“Super forecaster” Andrew Sabisky was found to have advocated enforced contraception to stop teenage pregnancies and claimed giving children mental performance-enhancing drugs is worth “a dead kid once a year”.

He had also preached that “black people are less intelligent than whites”.

Now a clip of Humphry Wakefield, who owns Chillingworth Castle, has been retweeted thousands of times.

In the footage, he says: “The quality is everything. In general, to be elitist, I think the quality climbs up the tree of life. And therefore in general high things in the tree of life have quality, have skills, they get wonderful degrees at university, and if they marry each other that gets even better.”

He’s then asked by a guest at his wine tasting event: “So you wouldn’t have minded if one of your children had met someone from a lower socio-economic group who was intelligent and talented?”

Wakefield replies: “Intelligent and talented is lovely but I want parents and grandparents who’ve had hands-on success running their battles well and proving they’re wonderful. Because one is the subject of one’s genes. And I like the idea of them being successful genes and winning through to successful puppies.”

The guest challenges Wakefield, telling him: “Some things haven’t been in genes though have they. There have been some outstanding people and geniuses who have been first-generation, the first of their family.”

He replies: “No there aren’t. There are very few first-generation geniuses.”

Sam Knight, who originally unearthed the video, said: “This is incredibly disturbing footage.

“Sir Humphry Wakefield stands in his crypt, sipping red wine and discussing genetics.”

The video appeared online after it emerged Cummings’s father-in-law had named his horse Barack because it was “half black and half white”.

Byline Times editor Peter Jukes rejected claims that the baronet’s comments were not in the public interest. He said: “This, and his father-in-law's interest in genetic determinism has been made a matter of acute public interest because the Cummings' have tried to use their personal life (see Speccie piece before current furore) to defend their public positions.”