YOU do wonder sometimes how certain people achieved their fame and fortune. If you frequent Lord Alan Sugar’s Twitter profile, he is likely to be somebody whose immense wealth and power makes extremely little sense to you.

When he’s not patting Boris Johnson on the back for all his hard work fighting coronavirus – not kidding – or fighting with Piers Morgan, he’s usually behaving like a grandad who doesn’t fully understand how his Facebook account works.

And today he certainly excelled himself. The Apprentice host tweeted out a meme which read: “Happy birthday. Today every person in the whole world is the same age!

“Today is a very special day. There’s only one chance every 1000 years. Your age this year + your year of birth, the total for every person is = 2020.

“It’s so strange even experts cant [sic] explain it! You figure it out and see it is [sic] 2020.

“Its [sic] a thousand-year wait! Take a shot! Let everyone calculate it!”

He added the comment: “Strange but seems correct.”

Once you bypass the fact that this is allegedly mathematics too powerful for even the smartest minds to compute written by somebody incapable of using an apostrophe, run your eyes back over that formula.

This incredible "once-in-a-lifetime" miracle is literally asking you to add your age to your birth year – and somehow shocking people when it reveals the current year. Unless you’re Benjamin Button it’s probably not going to offer any major surprises.

Of course if you haven’t had your birthday yet this year you’ll end up with 2019 and not 2020 (but don’t tell Alan that, he hasn’t grasped the initial insanity of the post – let’s not give him too much to deal with at once).

When somebody pointed out that he should delete the post he instantly replied: “I am deleting you’re blocked.”

The post is er, very much not deleted though.

Another person told him: “It’s common sense you donkey.” Sugar kindly replied: “Well from your twit pic seems you don't have any.”

As funny as this is, this man is given the power to influence our politics via his seat in the unelected House of Lords. And that’s not so funny, when you think about it.

We can only hope and pray this is some wild scheme to get attention.