A SECOND Scottish independence referendum should take place within the next five years, according to 53% of Scots.

A new Ipsos MORI poll, carried out between May 14 and 20, also found a third of Scots want to see a new vote within the next two years.

The poll of more than 1000 Scottish adults revealed 34% want to see indyref2 by 2022 and a further 19% want to see another referendum held by 2025.

Beyond that date, a further 10% said there should be a fresh vote after the next five years – meaning a total of 63% of Scots do want to see another referendum held.

Meanwhile 34% of people said there should never be another Scottish independence referendum.

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The new poll comes after a Panelbase survey earlier this month revealed half of Scots support independence.

Once “don’t knows” were removed from the results, 50% of Scottish adults backed a Yes vote.

Earlier in the year a poll carried out for the Scot Goes Pop blog and backed by The National found 52% of Scots support independence. Those results came just hours after a Survation study put support for a Yes vote at 50%.

Nicola Sturgeon wrote to Yes supporters earlier in the year to say independence campaigning would be paused while Scotland focuses on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

However, some SNP figures – like Joanna Cherry and Angus MacNeil – have argued the party cannot lose sight of its main goal.