ON Sunday, as we waited for the outcome of the meeting of the leader Cummings and his underling Johnson, for once I wasn’t with the multitude wanting the “hanging” of Cummings. For me, the best for us independent supporters was just what has happened.

I once wrote that we should “give them enough rope”, and that length of rope was plain to see and hear on Sunday. The gap between us and them just opened like the Red Sea for Moses.

Not one person except the arrogant branch office of the Scottish Tories cannot now see through this “better together” shite they have been trawling for years.

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Well done Scotland, to our NHS staff and all others in the front line, together with us the people of Scotland who have stringently put ourselves through this difficult lockdown to protect lives. We here in Scotland deserve better than this.

We are being taken/led into an English dictatorship, an ideology of a one-time empire that has long gone.

All the lies regarding the size of our country, and the calibre of our leaders and more importantly, our ability to manage our independent country, are now tied to the same piece of rope around the neck of Westminster ruling party.

We deserve better and we will work together as the nation of Scotland to achieve this.

“Stop the world, Scotland wants on” NOW.

Ken McCartney

WITH the defence of Dominic Cummings’s admitted breaking of the official government rules regarding action when corona infection is suspected, by no less than the Prime Minister, the UK now has acknowledged its already tarnished integrity, its sinking down a deepening pit of serial lies for which Boris Johnson is famous. I can conclude only that Westminster and its customs are no longer capable of dealing fairly or honestly with major issues.

The constitutional position of the people of Scotland is such an issue.

John Hamilton

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I COULD relate in a letter how myself, my family – both nuclear and extended – have made great personal sacrifices for the good of the nation. However I won’t, because I am certain that every family in the country is making the self same sacrifices, and it fills me with immense pride in my country.

It then made me all the more enraged when I watched the Prime Minister stand at a lectern on Sunday evening and make excuses for for a senior aide who utterly trashed the safety guidelines. His non-answers to media questions were disgraceful and a complete insult to the entire population.

As I watched his incoherent performance, I saw in his face the face of the United Kingdom dying.

Terry Keegans
Beith, North Ayrshire

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THE utter arrogance and incompetence of this UK Government is unbelievable. This well-heeled, tousle-heided eejit of a PM does not get it. In defending his pal and mentor, Dominic Cummings, and saying that he acted “responsibly, legally and with integrity”, he betrays the collective sacrifice and responsibility of all the people of this United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson’s occasional forceful but vague briefings to the nation are short on detail and his pathetic Churchillian attempt pure pantomime; while every day the First Minister of Scotland delivers competent and effective briefings.

Our leaders who set the rules, and we the people who obey them, feel betrayed when these leaders break them.

Grant Frazer
Cruachan, Newtonmore

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THE Prime Minister is a hapless fool, a coward too afraid to face criticism or debate. His leash is held by a corrupt and inhumanly arrogant "adviser" who may very well be responsible for the deaths of others due to his reckless actions. Yet the PM won’t sack him, the English media and in particular the English state media (BBC) rewrite the rules to fit his actions and he will remain, perhaps under a different title, to fool the idiot masses who returned these characters to office, but he will remain.

The depressing reality is the Cummings could order the slaughter of the firstborn and the English would still vote Tory, the BBC would still smear the SNP for objecting and the obsequious, vile Unionist MSPs would applaud the “tough decisions” made on controlling overcrowding.

The simple truth is that Scotland needs out of this ludicrous situation. The time is now and the SNP needs to take the initiative. Why send Scottish MPs to Westminster on the demands of Cummings to be insulted and brayed at by Tory yes men against Scotland’s best interests? Will this not near guarantee more infection in this nation? And for what? To give the bumbling buffoon PM an audience? Scottish MPs should remain in the constituencies and stick two fingers up to the entire affair until our Scottish Government allows their return.

Rory Bulloch 

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DOES anybody but Boris Johnson think that Dominic Cummings acted responsibly?

At his delayed press conference on Sunday, Boris Johnson told us that after hours of face-to-face discussion he was convinced that Dominic Cummings acted responsibly. This surely proves beyond any reasonable doubt that his decisions are so greatly influenced by his senior adviser that he is not really suitable for the post of prime minister.

Today the discussion has become polarised around parental worries, a vulnerable child, distance driven, what, when and where, and nit-picking over interpreting regulations when it should be about the ability of the prime minister’s senior adviser to make decisions under stress.

It appears that when Dominic Cummings was faced with a problem, shared by many parents, his action was completely at odds with the fundamental advice to stay at home in his government’s Covid-19 policy. It is a fact if his action had been adopted by the many thousands of parents in the same situation, the lockdown strategy and fight to curtail the spread of the virus would have collapsed. This must cast serious doubt on his suitability for a critical position in the government’s support team. 

As the Prime Minister is clearly out of his depth in the present situation, the Cabinet must assert its authority, force a return to governing with collective responsibility and immediately put an end to the current roles of special advisers to senior government ministers.

Perhaps it is a trivial point, but what sort of impression does it give to the world that, as it appears from TV news reports, Dominic Cummings with his job and future at stake actually did arrive for an interview with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in a T-shirt and track suit bottoms?

John Jamieson
South Queensferry