The National:

AS a Scottish Tory, Jackson Carlaw is no stranger to double-think.

The party leader is constantly attacking Holyrood ministers, while ignoring the blatant flaws of his superiors at Westminster – arguing that the SNP are failing and that Boris Johnson’s government is actually competent.

But even by his standards, his latest statement really takes the biscuit.

Carlaw has failed to criticise the Prime Minister for standing by Dominic Cummings, who breached lockdown rules in at least one 250-mile trip to Durham.

He has watched on as Johnson claimed – with a straight face – that his chief adviser “acted responsibly, legally and with integrity”.

And now, promoting his latest column, Carlaw has displayed characteristic self-awareness in an attack on the Scottish Government.

“Instead of transparency, openness and conversation, we have had secrecy, evasion, and contradiction,” he tweeted, to the disbelief of all who saw it.

It comes after the Scottish Tories ducked a BBC interview on the Cummings controversy, with Twitter users quick to hit back at Carlaw.

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“Your sir are an embarrassing charlatan,” read one reply.

Others pointed out his previous views on Scotland’s former chief medical officer.

Even Conservative voters were unimpressed. One commented: “Come on Carlaw! We can not support Boris for what he has done! Its the Tories on fire right now not the SNP. He has truly f***** it & lost my support as have you now.”

Journalist Chris Musson added: “That first sentence. Surely a wind-up...”

National columnist Gerry Hassan commented: “Dear Jackson, Have you had time to have a look at what is being done in your name by the UK Tory Govt? ’Transparency, openness and conversation’ don't really come into when you are supporting of govt of lies, disinformation & disrespect for the public.”

Is it really worth all this to stand by Boris Johnson, Jackson?