The National:

SUPPORTERS of Scottish independence have traditionally had little in common with Neil Oliver.

The historian was a high-profile No campaigner back in 2014, and has since described the referendum as a “hate fest”.

In 2016, he described independence as a “dead dog” and castigated Nicola Sturgeon for leaving the door open to another plebiscite.

But that’s no reason to believe we should disagree on everything. For instance, Dominic Cummings’ blatant disregard for lockdown rules, and Boris Johnson’s shameless defence of his chief adviser, has united most of the UK in condemnation.

Even the Daily Mail has gone after the PM.

And yet, it turns out Neil Oliver is swimming against the tide on that issue too.

In his opinion, the failure of Johnson to punish his top aide for disregarding life-saving rules, endangering public safety, is an irrelevance blown out of proportion by the press.

He tweeted: “The metropolitan press pack and politicians of all flavours have together created a spectacle as irrelevant to most people’s lives and as debasing as watching rats cannibalise each other in a pit.”

Aside from the truly bizarre rat analogy, there was something about Oliver’s hot take which didn’t sit right with commenters.

One person wrote: "Well if you dismiss twitter – have you seen the Daily Mail? Government scientists saying he's just blown the track and trace strategy out the water? His neighbours? Many real people are very very pissed off."

Others called on the National Trust for Scotland to dump its president.

“Come on @N_T_S, you can do better than this. Your ambassador has lost a grasp on how your members feel about the #dominiccummimgs debacle,” read one comment.

Another person wrote: “I think the actions and character of those in charge are critical to everyone today. I would suggest you are wrong thinking this is irrelevant to ordinary folks. Many have exercised the highest restraint at moments of greatest sacrifice to them and their families. It matters.”

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The historian doubled down, replying: “It’s not about people now. It’s about politics and journalists.”

But as Oliver should be aware, in the midst of a global pandemic, it's about much more than that.

At least one person is likely to agree with the historian. Asked on Saturday by reporters if his lockdown breach looked good, Cummings said: "Who cares about good looks? It's a question of doing the right thing. It's not about what you guys think."

You're in fine company there, Neil.