THE Scottish Conservatives have been accused of “cowardice” after the party ducked an interview with the BBC about Boris Johnson’s defence of his top adviser.

The Prime Minister has claimed Dominic Cummings “acted responsibly legally and with integrity” despite travelling more than 250 miles with his family during lockdown.

His actions, and Johnson’s refusal to sack his chief aide, have prompted a huge public backlash. Opposition politicians, English Tory MPs and health experts have also issued strong condemnations.

However, asked to come on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland show to talk about the scandal, the Scottish Tories said no-one from the party was available.

A spokesman said: “We released a full statement which GMS were free to read out if they so wished.”

SNP councillor for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie, Craig Walker, tweeted at the Scottish Tories: “Still struggling to find your backbones? Your collective cowardice on this issue will be remembered.”

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Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw yesterday refused to criticse the PM, saying "it is a situation for him to judge".

In a statement released after Johnson defended Cummings at the UK Government’s coronavirus briefing, Carlaw added: “[The PM] has reached a conclusion and we must all now focus on continuing to beat this dreadful pandemic.

“I want the Prime Minister to be able to continue his excellent work leading the country out of lockdown and I am glad he set out his plans clearly today."

Nicola Sturgeon noted that the Scottish Tory leader’s statement wasn’t consistent with his view on Catherine Calderwood, who had to resign as chief medical officer after travelling to her second home in Fife.

She tweeted: "Strangely different to his view on Cath Calderwood. Leadership is saying/doing the right thing even when it’s tough for you – not just calling for it when it’s tough for your opponent."