SCOTTISH satirist Armando Iannucci has led the growing calls for a national “boo for Boris”.

During the Prime Minister’s coronavirus briefing yesterday, Iannucci, the writer responsible for the hit comedies The Thick Of It and Veep, tweeted: “How about this Thursday we do a minute’s boo at 7.55? Then grab a drink, and at 8pm do one final massive clap for carers?”

In calling for a “final” clap for carers, Iannucci echoed the founder of the weekly event, Annemarie Plas, who said on Friday that the show of support for key workers had become “too political”.

Alastair Campbell also called for an end to the event, writing on Twitter: “Much as my neighbours love my bagpipes and I love the NHS I will not be turning out on Thursday 8pm unless it is part of a protest against @BorisJohnson.

“He and his nodding dog ministers now use these events as part of their manipulation and to cover up their incompetence. Enough.”

It is unclear if the #BooforBoris campaign will aim to replace the clap for carers, or take place at another time. The thousands of people who took to Twitter to use the hashtag have a range of ideas on when to hold the event.

British composer Vikki Stone tweeted: “#BOOFORBORIS 8pm Tuesday.

“Tell your neighbours.”

The idea was gaining traction yesterday evening, with Call The Midwife’s Helen George also calling for a boo at 8pm on Tuesday.

British comic London Hughes noticed this discrepancy in the event’s organisation by the online community, tweeting: “There’s different booing dates and times going around, but please guys, please make this national boo happen.

“They can’t just keep getting away with this! This is history in the making, our grandkids will be asking us what we did, lets give em’ a f*cking story!”

Sam Parker, editor-in-chief of Penguin Books, tweeted: “#BooforBoris ... everyone screaming out of their window at 8pm feels appropriate right now.”