A HUGE screen broadcasting clips of Boris Johnson stating “you must stay at home” has been stationed outside Dominic Cummings’ house.

Political campaign group Led by Donkeys drove to Cummings' north London home after it emerged that the senior Government aide may have broken lockdown rules more than once.

The protest followed allegations that the 48-year-old made two trips to County Durham, where his family lives, despite social restrictions.

The Prime Minister offered his "full support" to his chief adviser after the news emerged.

Led by Donkeys also put up a separate installation on Westminster Bridge Road on Friday.

Posting a photo of the billboard, which reads "Stay alert, Government incompetence costs lives", the group said: "When the PM's top adviser is criss-crossing the country with coronavirus, it's definitely time to stay alert."

A video being played on the big screen includes clips of Johnson saying: “So many millions and millions of people across the country have been doing the right thing.”

In another, the Prime Minister says: “You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home.”

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The Tory leader has defended his chief aide after news surfaced that he had travelled to Durham, but Downing Street said it would "not waste time" replying to fresh allegations from "campaigning newspapers".

Cummings has denied returning to Durham in April, weeks after his initial time spent self-isolating in the region.

Speaking outside his London home today, after one journalist asked if he had been back to Durham in April, Cummings said: "No, I did not."