CONSERVATIVES made their feelings clear when Dr Catherine Calderwood and Professor Neil Ferguson were found to have gone against lockdown guidance – but so far their silence over Dominic Cummings’s 250-mile trip while sick with Covid-19 is deafening.

There is currently a chorus of calls for the Prime Minister’s top adviser to resign or be sacked after it emerged he travelled from his London home to his parents’ farm in County Durham at the end of March, while he and his wife were both sick with the coronavirus. He has briefing journalists to say he defends the decision as he needed childcare for his young son, but questions remain.

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If Cummings and his wife were too sick to look after their child, how did they travel the 250-miles to County Durham? Was there nobody else in London who could have offered childcare? Surely the family had to stop for bathroom breaks etc while on such a long journey? Is there one rule for the Tories and one rule for the rest of us?

While Laura Kuenssberg works overtime to defend Cummings on Twitter; we haven’t forgotten the statements and posts made by Tories when other senior government figures broke the rules. Here’s five Tory tweets that prove Cummings has to go.

Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw responding to news former CMO Catherine Calderwood visited her second home in Fife during lockdown

“Dr Calderwood’s position is very difficult, untenable even, given the damage this has caused public trust.

“The vast majority of Scots are complying with official advice to stay home and protect our NHS.

“There cannot be one rule for the bosses and another one for everyone else.”

MSP Murdo Fraser responding to Calderwood visiting her second home

“As a MSP representing Fife, I well understand the concern about the CMO visiting her second home despite @scotgov advice. Hard to see how messages to the public can have credibility whilst those delivering them can ignore them themselves.”

MSP Annie Wells responding to the same story.

“While every other country in the world is focussed on saving lives, in Scotland we need to ask the Chief Medical Officer to please follow her own advice.

“Trust is vanishing and rage is building. Resign and let’s get back to what matters most - following the rules to save lives.”

Economist Andrew Lilico on Professor Neil Ferguson breaking lockdown to meet with his married lover

“I’ve started and quit three tweets on Ferguson. I got nothing. How could he? I mean, how could he lock up literally half the population of Planet Earth but think those rules didn’t apply to him?”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock responding to the news about Ferguson

Matt Hancock said he would back any police action against the senior government scientist who helped to shape the UK Government’s coronavirus response. (The Twitter user @JohnWest_JAWS is not a Tory, but the content of the tweet shows how Tory minister Hancock reacted strongly to news about Ferguson.)