I’VE been in lockdown at our home in West Linton since March 14 along with my partner, the former teacher I call the Heidie, and our Jack Russell terrier called Hamish. I’ve been keeping a diary to help avoid going stir crazy.

DAY 64: Into our 10th week and the great news is that the Heidie is home from hospital and apart from feeling sore around the middle, she is in optimum condition for somebody that’s just had a large part of her bowel removed. Just feel a huge relief while Hamish goes mental at her return.

The alternative was cancer ahead, so its’s been a terrific result – thanks to the NHS. And if you have symptoms of any illness other than the virus, please follow the advice and trust in the NHS.

Just a point – I drove into, and back from, Edinburgh to collect her, and the capital air was visibly clearer. Time to really tackle pollution?

DAY 65: Some kind anonymous person has been doing artistic installations around the village green. We now have a gruffalo, some giraffes, and a big bird or two, all done silhouette fashion in black apart from the duck family. People are coming from, oh, yards around to see the work of West Linton’s own Banksy.

UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma says a vaccine for the virus may never be found. Deep joy. But I’ll bet he’s wrong and Scottish scientists will help develop it.

DAY 66: Watching BBC News at Ten when Scotland editor Sarah Smith opines – and it was opinionated – that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has “enjoyed the opportunity to set her own lockdown rules”. I usually think Smith does a decent enough job considering her Unionist paymasters, but this is clearly a huge error of judgment on her part and she quickly apologises, though not on air. Twitter ain’t enough, I think.

Recall that I kent her faither, John. He took me for a drink when I was a trainee and he was night lawyer for the Daily Record several centuries ago ... a great man and much missed, especially by the Labour Party.

DAY 67: Some eejit from RBS is supposed to call me about my PPI claim which they still haven’t processed 10 months after it was submitted. No such call comes – bad form by our because two others settled my claims to my great satisfaction. And to think I nearly didn’t bother applying ...

DAY 68: Pick the sunniest day of the year for my day off and am rewarded with a paint brush and five litres of wood stain for our new fence. I turn my back for a few minutes and the Heidie, who is supposed to be resting, is splashing it on. I eventually take my turn and do some DIY without breaking anything. Good job all round, we say.

Hamish is in the dog house after chewing the Heidie’s good leather flip flops. Not a good idea, I tell him.

DAY 69: Hear that the daughter of friend is in hospital after contracting the virus. She is soon home with some antibiotics as it’s unrelated to Covid-19. Another huge sigh of relief and for various reasons the clap for carers at 8pm is rather more fervent than usual. And yes, I’d rather they got a pay rise, but it’s the best way that we, the people, can show our appreciation.

Nicola Sturgeon’s scheme to exit lockdown in phases looks very sound to me, but I’ll stay in it just now, thanks. I’m a feartie.

DAY 70: Editor Callum Baird launches our new campaign to try to safeguard the future of

The National. No doubt some will think “what a cheek” but we need to be around to cover indyref2 at least, because nowhere else in the media will give you the pro-indy information you need.