THE Prime Minister’s official Twitter account has published bizarre social distancing guidelines telling the public to stay “three fridges” apart from people not in their own household.

The graphic, which also suggests staying one bed, two benches or four chairs away from others, was shared widely online today as people were baffled by the suggestion.

One user posted: “Only Johnson could suggest keeping 3 fridges apart.”

While Johnson does have experience, er, dealing with fridges, we aren’t sure the regular man or woman on the street is used to visualising spaces in terms of fridges.

Meanwhile, James Felton posted out that those furniture items were hardly standardised sizes.

He replied: “Are you actually kidding. These are all quite different sizes. It would have been clearer to say ‘picture two one metre rulers’”.

The full post read: “Keep 2 metres apart when you go outside. That’s 1 bed, 2 benches, 3 fridges, 4 chairs. #StayAlert.”

Finishing such a nonsense list of advice with the nonsense Stay Alert slogan would have been a touch of comedic genius from an absurdist comedy troupe, however sadly it was from the leader of the UK which removed a percentage of entertainment value.

Many thought the bizarre recommendation from a parody account – but nope, that was the real verified Prime Minister’s profile.