FORMER Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson sparked anger online this morning after appearing on GMB to complain that parts of Scotland’s Covid-19 lockdown easing measures “don’t make a lot of sense”.

Ruth Davidson also told viewers that the care home death rate in Scotland “is more than double that of England”, despite a recent study by academics at the London School of Economics suggesting the real care home death toll south of the Border is double what official figures show.

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The Scottish Government unveiled its four-phase route map out of lockdown yesterday, which will begin from May 28. The relaxation of measures comes after England’s, as the R number in Scotland has been higher than in other parts of the UK. Scotland is also at a “lag” behind England, which had its first coronavirus case reported weeks before us.

Each phase of the plan does not have specific dates attached because the coronavirus can be very unpredictable.

Davidson complained that plans to ease the lockdown could “break down” if there is no further “explanation” as to why the rules are in place.

She said: “Some of the things in these plans, these roadmaps, don’t make a lot of sense to people. They don’t see why it is. I’ll give you an example, I have an 18-month-old son, from phase one which starts on Thursday, he’s allowed to go into his childminder’s house, but he’s not allowed to go into his granny’s house until phase three. Now that’s the sort of thing that people might not understand why that is. So I think the Government has to explain why they’re saying that.

“Why can you go and meet somebody and have a picnic in the local park but you’re not allowed to drive five miles to go to a different park to see your friends because they live next to that park. It’s how do you show people why you don’t want an area that maybe doesn’t have infection to have people from an area that does have a higher infection rate to come into it.

“So I think with a bit more explanation people will be much more on board if they can understand why certain things are being said. But I think if it’s just these are the rules and there is no explanation then I think you do worry that it might break down.”

WG Saraband wrote on Twitter: “I see Ruth Davidson, whose party failed to win a single election in Scotland during her leadership, is being redeployed. Must be easy knowing that you'll never be asked a hard question.”

And Simon Falconer questioned some of the Tory MSP’s logic. He wrote: Ruth Davidson logic: complains the R rate in Scotland is higher than England, then asks why Scotland are relaxing lockdown 2 weeks after England

“Care home deaths in Scotland are unacceptable & demands answers. Care home deaths in England? Lets not rush to conclusions.”

Others were confused as to why the party’s leader in Scotland Jackson Carlaw had not been sent out to speak to UK-wide media.

Davidson was also picked up online for comments she made on the NHS migrant surcharge, yesterday scrapped for overseas health workers during the coronavirus crisis.

The £400 charge is paid by those who come to the UK from overseas on top of national insurance and general taxes.

Journalist Aaron Bastani posted: “Ruth Davidson wrong on multiple counts on the completely unethical NHS surcharge. We don’t pay taxes here from the day we are born. Migrant workers aren’t more likely to use the NHS than everyone else - actually the complete opposite is true.”