SUNBATHE, swim and have a swally in the garden with your pals - as long as all your pals are all from the same household and you’re all keeping your distance.

Those are just some of the much-needed perks coming our way as we enter phase one of the Scottish Government’s route map “through and out of the crisis”.

It’s been a long two months, but from May 28 we should – if the infection rate remains on a downward trajectory – see an easing of some of the restrictions.

That will include the re-opening of recycling centres, drive-through restaurants and garden centres.

Though the paper, published yesterday by the Scottish Government, makes clear that we can buy plants but we can’t stop for a scone in the cafe. They will have to remain closed for now.

One of the biggest changes to regulations will see us allowed to meet with “another household outdoors, in small numbers, including in gardens”.

Scots will also soon be able to go taps-aff in the park and sunbathe or, if that’s not your thing, just sit on a bench and watch the world go by.

The changes will also allow some outdoor sports – such as golf, bowling, outdoor swimming, hiking, canoeing and fishing – to resume.

The Government is also hoping to fully re-open child-minding services and outdoor nursery provision.

Outdoor workplaces, including agriculture, forestry and the construction sector, could also be able to resume work “as long as physical-distancing measures are in place”.