A TORY MSP has blasted the First Minister for not mentioning croquet in her route map out of the lockdown. 

The framework document, published today, listed a number of non-contact outdoor activities, including golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling. 

And in the chamber, Nicola Sturgeon went on to mention lawn bowls.

But, Tom Mason, the Tory list MSP for the North East, pointed out that left a big question mark for fans of smashing balls through hoops with mallets.

What, he demanded, was the First Minister going to do about croquet?

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The MSP, beamed into the chamber via video call, said: “First Minister, you mentioned a number of non contact outdoor activities that can now be pursued. 

“This, of course, will be most welcome across Scotland. It has been most frustrating the past few weeks, being locked in lockdown with the weather as it has been. You mentioned golf, bowls and fishing among others. 

“I have two questions. Are these specific or are they indicators of sports that can be pursued, as there are a number of other sports such as croquet, which I have an interest, which are not mentioned there. 

“And secondly, will the protocol to operation of the sport be subject to regulated, negotiated regulated, or will they be self applied.”

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Unfortunately, as much of the second part of Mason’s question was drowned out by the laughter of MSPs, the Presiding Officer had to ask him to repeat it.

Sturgeon said the sports listed were “illustrative, and not exhaustive”.

She added: “I'm not sure I'm giving an undertaking to specifically add croquet to the published document but I'm open to lobbying on that basis.

“We will expect the sports, non contact outdoor sports that are being allowed to re-commenced to have due regard to social distancing, physical distancing and public hygiene. 

“I'm not sure, although I suspect my inbox this afternoon will tell me how many croquet players there are across Scotland so I better not to see anything that could be mistakenly construed as being insulting to croquet players.”

According to his register of interests, Mason  is the treasurer of Aberdeen and Crathes Croquet Club. 

The query sparked a reaction from some of his parliamentary colleagues.

"It’s the question on everyone’s lips," tweeted Labour MSP Neil Findlay.