LAURA Webster’s article (NHS Louisa Jordan set to be repurposed, The National, May 20) highlights what Scotland can achieve when led by a First Minister and government supported by the vast majority of the people.

The fact that the hospital can be repurposed is testimony to the fact that the coronavirus is being contained and hopefully in the end be defeated. It also highlights the ability of the Scottish construction industry to respond to emergency situations due to the dedication and talent of all of those involved as was demonstrated by the completion of the temporary hospital in 18 days.

It shows that when the people of Scotland are governed by those they trust, then anything is possible.

Perhaps one Nicola Sturgeon and her government’s greatest achievement is winning the trust and confidence of the people who, by their unstinting efforts, would appear to have the coronavirus on the run.

I would suggest that there is no place in Scotland for “ego politics” as practised at Westminster.

Thomas L Inglis