Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai (STV, 8pm)

BROTHERS Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas embark on an epic journey to trace their family roots in India, joined by their dad Dougie, whose father was born in Mumbai. However, the trio have never visited the country they descended from. In the fourth episode, the three brothers track down another branch of their growing family tree, before being put through their paces in a brutal yoga session.

Old, Alone And Stuck At Home (C4, 9pm)

AS the country prepares for the easing of lockdown, this documentary tells the stories of the elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis, for whom lockdown may continue for many more months. Featuring people from all over the nation and filmed on location, their stories convey the immense challenge of being especially vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic. Suzanne, who has terminal cancer, has come up with a novel approach to seeing her friends, while Desmond has been forced to move in with his daughter and granddaughter to avoid the virus, which has already taken the lives of at least four of his friends.

Yorkshire Casualty 24/7 (C5, 9pm)

IT’S been claimed that many A&E departments are quieter than usual, possibly because people have been worried about catching coronavirus. However, it’s all hands on deck in this episode of the documentary series, not least because two nurses have phoned in sick. The patients being rushed in include a toddler with suspected sepsis, a life-threatening condition that attacks the organs. There’s also an 84-year-old who suffered a nasty fall getting off his mobility scooter, and an 87-year-old who needs a CT scan after being knocked over by a car.

The Great British Sewing Bee (BBC1, 9pm)

THE amateur sewer competition hosted by Joe Lycett continues. This time, the eight remaining contestants take part in a series of tasks as they return to the sewing room for lingerie and sleepwear week. To test the sewers’ skills, judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young kick off the pattern challenge with a boned basque.