WELL it is all lining up rather nicely for the UK Government to blame the civil servants, the science advisors and indeed the devolved governments for the failure that has been the UKs response to Covid-19. I shall bet a shiny new penny that apart from Matt Hancock no other minister shall be shouldered with blame especially not he that is the Prime.

How, where or when the Tory night of the long knives will happen of course is anyone’s guess but yes it is going to happen as Boris Johnson fights for his political survival and his special advisor fights to maintain relevance. I imagine great swaths of advisors will have their names leaked to the press as being the ones that are at fault with Johnson’s chosen few being hailed as the voices of reason in a cacophony of madding cries.

All other ministers will escape as they were not “health” never mind that they all paraded themselves on TV to carry on the great Tory lie that was and still is the Tory response to Covid-19. Never will they care that they were the ones sitting in Cabinet and failed to voice up when things were going terribly wrong with the plan. No, never mind that because as I said they were not responsible for “health”.

As we emerge from the lockdown, on whatever date is decided, be under no delusion that the UK Government needs to be taken to task over this. Those who have been smug, ill-prepared, less than capable but mainly pathetic, those that are the politicians of the Downing Street bunker complex, along with whatever advisors remain, require hounded.

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Johnson has not been a great leader in this time of crisis, he has not even been mediocre one. What he has been is way out of his depth and at the cost of a great many lives because of his inaction he has once more shown he is nothing more than a third-rate backbencher at best.

It is no use people trying to defend him or people saying “well what would you have done”? I am a political activist (small a intended) not a politician and especially not one that aspires to the top job. He has been found wanting in leadership yet again, just as has happened in all his other roles and once more he has failed.

It could have gone differently had he not had the Dominic Cummings ill-advice in his ear – the PMs special advisor needs to be spotlighted as of equal blame for the Covid-19 fiasco.

However the night of the long knives plays out we here in Scotland need to be ready to once more assemble in our thousands, numbers Unionists can only dream of, and once more apply pressure to all politicians.

Those of a Unionist ideology will be worried, very worried if they have any sense, as to what is coming. They know that UK Government has screwed it up, the breaking of the four-nation approach has effectively killed of any lingering thoughts that the Union could be saved.

The rancid attacks on independence supporters on social media shows how desperate the supporters of the empire are. The cabal press and those Quislings that they support here in Scotland are also desperate in their attempts to deflect blame away from Downing Street. They forget that the voters in Scotland, those with an open mind have long since stopped reading the propaganda sheets and stopped believing their propaganda news on TV.

As long as we are all sensible it looks as if some easing of the lockdown will take place at the end of May and providing that is done without issue then more and more easing will follow and I think that is something for us to all look forward to.

So yes there is sunshine on that horizon, our future as an independence movement is bright because having an independent nation is right.

Tick Tock.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0