MICHAEL Fry is perhaps too easy on The National Trust for Scotland (Unlike our noble heritage, NTS does not seem worthy of preservation, The National, May 19), and certainly too easy on the preening Neil Oliver, its president.

From my observation over many years, the NTS has too often appointed and hired “Those and Such as Those” – disproportionately English-born or, at the very least, Anglo-Scots from the upper middle class – to care for our heritage.

That many of the staff are dedicated and knowledgeable is beyond doubt, but Oliver detests the political – and therefore cultural – aspirations of at least half (and rising) of Scottish voters/his customers.

I can’t think of another European country which would do such a thing. With luck, a tornado will sweep him up as he strides off-screen and whisk him off to not Oz but London to receive a “well-earned” knighthood (for services to the Union).
David Roche