TORY MPs are criticising Boris Johnson over his handling of the coronavirus crisis, with some saying they have not been kept in the loop on government plans while others express concern over the timing of some restrictions.

Last week ministers and MPs were furious over news the Prime Minister had pre-recorded his “road map out of exit” speech before Cabinet members could give their feedback.

Now one Tory MP told The Telegraph they are concerned  about the implementation of 14-day quarantine periods for those entering the UK, due to come in next month. They said: “That should have happened at the beginning of the crisis, not at the end.”

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Another said Johnson’s decision to brief the public on lockdown exit plans before announcing them in Parliament or informing the Cabinet was “back to front thinking”, echoing comments from MP Peter Bone last week.

Backbenchers also alleged the PM had ignored difficult questions during last week’s 1922 Committee meeting. They said questions had to be submitted before the meeting, meaning Johnson just chose the ones he wanted to respond to.

Meanwhile backbenchers criticised the PM’s senior adviser Dominic Cumings for centralising power within Johnson’s office.

One said: “The current lack of accountability only serves to play into Cummings’ hands. He thinks MPs are stupid, ministers should all do as they’re told and everything should be run by his desk.

“But if you disregard parliament, eventually it will destroy you.”

The Tories were also concerned that Johnson did not show up to the Liaison Committee to answer questions on government policy, which is supposed to happen annually.

And others were furious over the government boycott of Good Morning Britain. One said: “Like or loathe Piers Morgan, it’s got a big audience of C1s and D2s, who are our swing voters. It’s Red Wall telly.”