GMB host Piers Morgan was left playing clips of a UK Government minster talking to the BBC through his phone this morning as Tories continued to avoid sending Cabinet members onto the programme.

Morgan claimed earlier this month that a ban on appearances on GMB was issued to senior Tories after a series of interviews in which they “made complete fools of themselves”.

DWP Secretary Therese Coffey took part in one of those interviews, where she struggled to answer questions about personal protective equipment for NHS staff and asked Morgan to stop shouting at her when she couldn’t give details on the number of NHS and care worker deaths from Covid-19.

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This morning she was sent around breakfast television news shows but did not appear on GMB. Instead, Morgan was left playing a BBC News clip of Coffey speaking about test numbers through his phone.

In the clip the DWP Secretary tells BBC Breakfast: “I’m just flagging that we have increased the capacity hugely, I recognise that there’s only been a handful of days where more than 100,000 people have gone for that test.”

Morgan, one of the few vocal critics of the UK Government’s virus response in the mainstream media, responded furiously.

He said: “So she recognises that there’s only been a handful of days where more than 100,000 people have gone for a test. Therese Coffey if you were on our programme, if you had the guts to come on, I would have said to you there’s been no days – zero, nada, nil.

“What you just said was a lie, you just told BBC viewers there’d been a handful of days where over 100,000 people have been tested. No there have been a handful of days when you’ve conducted, apparently, over 100,000 tests. There hasn’t been a day when you have tested 100,000 people.”

Morgan and Susanna Reid then explained testing numbers are often higher than the number of people who are tested because some people require two or three swabs to be taken in order to determine whether they are positive or negative for the coronavirus.

Morgan went on: “So that’s another government minister avoiding us, lying through her back teeth to the country, about what they’re doing with testing. And she’s the one that said how proud she is of the testing. Well of course it’s easy to be proud if you’re basing it on a pack of lies. Isn’t it, Therese Coffey? Sorry we missed you this morning, I would have said all of this to your face.”

The UK Government has set itself the new target of 200,000 coronavirus tests by the end of the month, despite failing to consistently meet its previous aim of 100,000.