THE headline “Anti-lockdown protests flop” (May 17) is one of the best pieces of news I have read in recent weeks and, with respect, it should have been the front page banner headline.

It demonstrates without any doubt that the people in Scotland do not want to engage in activities that will increase the risk of spreading coronavirus. Sadly the accompanying photograph shows a young child and it makes me wonder what parent(s) would consider taking a child to such a gathering where the evidence is that large gatherings of people increase the spread of the virus. To expose a child to such a risk is not sensible.

I wonder who were responsible for organising such demonstrations, what their motives are and who is funding them. When less than 100 people, out of Scotland’s total population of over five million, turn out to support the protests which were planned to be held in five of Scotland’s major cities, the unequivocal message is that the people of Scotland are supporting those who are fighting the outbreak and woe betide anyone who tries to undermine their efforts.

Thomas L Inglis