THANK God for The National and its percipient and independent content of current affairs supported by an experienced and insightful team of journalists along with the inclusion of reader’s opinions that even go against the mainstream of the idea of independence.

Of late there has been increasing mention of concerns of additional political parties attempting to set up and perhaps challenge the build up of the success of the SNP, leadership and success of membership and its MSP numbers. However, concerns have been expressed as part of healthy debate in The National that additional incumbents will perhaps jeopardise, diluting any independence movements/parties and the success of the SNP.

This indeed culminating in warnings to that effect as noted by Jim Taylor in his letter in the Sunday National (We must not rely on Tory chaos to boost indy cause, May 17). He seems worried. His letter even starts emphatically in capitals with the word “BEWARE.” Does Jim’s opinion predict doom on the horizon for Scottish politics and its members? It has always struck me whether my past working abroad or living here that Scots are perfectly intelligent, capable of making their own minds up and hence their successes in dealings abroad, England and elsewhere, worldwide.

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New thinking, opinion, criticism of political parties appearing, will not deter independence or dilute its outcome. Rather, it strengthens the debate and must surely be acceptable rather than feared. It is the eventual results that count. Only recently, a nonentity of a politician publicly made an incredible remark that there is no border between Scotland and England! How did that go down with many in and outwith Scotland?

The sooner independence matures with meaningful purpose for Scotland, the better for us all as a country and everyone that lives here.

W D Mill Irving