Work on the Wild Side (C4, 4pm)

SOUTH Africa’s national parks and game reserves are home to a diverse range of animals, some of them critically endangered. This new weekday series follows the highs and lows of the vets and volunteers who have given up their day jobs in the UK to help rescue, rehabilitate and release some of the world’s most iconic species. In today’s first episode, we meet Will and Rachael who volunteer at the world’s largest sanctuary for orphaned rhinos, and vet Emily as she attempts a life-threatening giraffe relocation. Plus, on the Western Cape, marine biologist Alison finds a new way of dealing with plastic pollution.

Normal People (BBC1, 9pm)

CONNELL bumps into Marianne back in Sligo and, despite the awkwardness between them, he offers to attend her father’s anniversary mass the next day. Back in Dublin, the two study hard for the Trinity Scholarship exams, but Connell is mugged on a night out after the results are announced and he turns to Marianne for help. On arriving at her house, he sees that he has interrupted a get-together, which includes Jamie.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (C4, 9pm)

ONLY six of the 12 “famous” faces remain at the derelict farmstead in the Inner Hebrides. With an escape and evasion exercise approaching, the recruits face a brutal set of tasks to build resilience, including a dangerous drown-proofing military exercise and punishing races across land and water. One of the strongest contenders suffers a setback with an unexpected injury before the recruits take up the challenge of evading a military-trained hunter force during a night on the run.

The Changin’ Times of Ike White – Arena (BBC4, 10pm)

RELEASED in 1976, Changin’ Times was an extraordinary album recorded in extraordinary circumstances. The artist, Ike White, was a musical prodigy who was in prison serving life for murder. Produced by music producer Jerry Goldstein, the mythical album gained industry adulation from the likes of Stevie Wonder and became Ike’s ticket to freedom. But, on the cusp of stardom, Ike slipped out of the limelight, changed his name and disappeared. With never-before-seen archive, the film charts his journey from prison to life as a free man.