I’VE been in lockdown at our home in West Linton since March 14 along with my partner, the former teacher I call the Heidie, and our Jack Russell terrier called Hamish. I’ve been keeping a diary to help avoid going stir crazy. Here’s a fortnight’s worth.

DAY 50: Our friends Fiona and Tony were due to be married today. They post a poignant picture on Facebook of their proposed venue on their “non-wedding” day. Like many other would-be wedded couples their plans, unlike the champagne, have been put on ice until next year. It will be the first date, hopefully of many, to be entered in the 2021 diary.

DAY 51: Receive the welcome news that one bottle bank locally has been emptied, so dash to the Golf Club to empty out two months’ worth of empty wine bottles. Just a couple, you’ll understand...

DAY 52: The Heidie gets a phone call from Spire Murrayfield Hospital to confirm her admission for a major op which is being paid for by the NHS. She’ll be going in on May 12.

DAY 53: The UK has overtaken Italy to have the highest number of deaths in Europe. When will it be time to end this nonsense of plucky Britain winning the war against the virus. It is time for Scotland to make its own decisions based on the particular needs of our people. The First Minister opted to follow a “four nations” strategy at first, but it isn’t working for Scotland.

DAY 54: The Heidie has accepted one of those daft challenges about posting pictures of our dog on Facebook. Hamish is a natural poser, so she has plenty to choose from.

Boris is back in the House of Commons and sounding more and more like his pal Trump with “massive plans” that he will announce whenever. Keir Starmer’s forensic questions make Boris look even more of a twat.

DAY 55: Wake up to headlines across the mental English Unionist press about lockdown being eased by Boris in his “massive plans” that will be announced on Sunday. The Daily Mail says “hurrah!” and

The Sun says “Happy Monday”, but I smell a Dominic Cummings-inspired kite-flying exercise. Sure enough, the official denials of “freedom” soon emerge.

Then Nicola Sturgeon blows the whole four nations stuff apart by insisting Scotland will not be easing restrictions for three weeks at least. Gaun yersel, Nic, as Janey Godley might say.

Lose The National virtual pub quiz on a tie-break. Well done the winner, Hannah Carmichael.

DAY 56: I’ve written a lot recently about the run-up to VE Day and the chaotic fog of war that saw many innocent people die in the final days of the war in Europe. Now the 75th anniversary day is here, and all I can think about is my mum and her generation who suffered so much during those long years, including family members lost – my mother’s aunt was killed by a stray bomb that hit Dumbarton during the Clydebank blitz.

DAY 57: Make up for losing The National quiz by winning our own friends’ group quiz. The questions just fell right.

DAY 58: Making preparations for the Heidie going into hospital. Tidying up the garden is a priority.

DAY 59: Seriously apprehensive about the Heidie going into hospital.

DAYS 60 to 63: I’ve nothing worth recording because am on my own with Hamish while the Heidie has her bowel op. She is so brave, unlike me. It’s so true that you only really know how much you love someone when they are not there.

Am delighted to report the op was totally successful and the Heidie will be back home at the weekend. It’s a huge relief.

Thank you NHS. You are all wonderful and be assured that your work is simply magic.