A SPECIAL envoy to the World Health Organisation on the coronavirus crisis has said Scotland is "doing good" in its response to the pandemic.

Dr David Nabarro, who has previously worked with the United Nations and the Director-General of the WHO, told the BBC he was impressed with Nicola Sturgeon's decision not to ease lockdown restrictions.

He said he admired the approach by the Scottish Government and the public health authorities.

He told the BBC: "Comparing Scotland with other parts of Europe, other parts of the world, I'd say you're doing good because you are tackling it carefully and logically. You are thinking through how do we make sure people are safe and how do we make sure the economy can restart? And you are layering these two together.

"There are some countries which are saying it's either the economy or people's health and they are presenting it as a choice. It's not a choice. You are watching, learning, applying, coming to terms with it. And most importantly you are levelling with the people what the government is trying to work through."