AN England-based frontline NHS doctor has made waves online after urging people to ignore Boris Johnson and instead listen to Scotland’s First Minister when it comes to Covid-19 advice.

Dr Julia Prague lives in London, and spoke out on Twitter when the Prime Minister revealed the controversial Stay Alert coronavirus campaign messaging.

The Tory leader eased some restrictions in England and “actively encouraged” those living there to return to work if they cannot work from home. But in the devolved nations, the Stay at Home message remains and lockdown is largely unchanged.

The key difference in Scotland is that people are now allowed outside more than once per day for exercise purposes, but this must be carried out close to home..

Prague told her followers: "As a frontline NHS doctor I plead with you, please", before sharing a snap of the alternative guidance – “Ignore Boris, Listen to Sturgeon, Save Lives”.

The redesigned Stay Alert graphic encouraging people to listen to the SNP leader’s advice has become a viral hit, even being referenced by Piers Morgan – who has previously been highly critical of Sturgeon.

Prague later wrote: "We don’t have the strategies we need yet to 'stay alert and control the virus' - testing, contact tracing etc - to reduce the time spent in difficult lockdown which is so detrimental to so many we need to get it done properly the first time; can’t ease too early.

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"We also need to reduce some of the associated suffering and death by those who have had their routine health appointments and procedures postponed because the NHS has only been able to concentrate on Covid.

"We can’t restart routine work if a second wave is coming soon."

Prague’s tweets have racked up tens of thousands of retweets and likes since being posted at the weekend.

The First Minister has rejected Johnson’s Stay Alert messaging, calling it “vague and imprecise” and urging the UK Government not to push the campaign in Scotland.