BREXITEER Tory MP Peter Bone has attacked his party leader’s televised lockdown announcement – accusing Boris Johnson’s advisers of thinking “they are running a presidential government”.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister made an address to the public about lockdown easing measures which would apply in England only.

The MP for Wellingborough said the Prime Minister’s aides “have clearly been watching too many episodes of The West Wing” and said Johnson’s address “may have broken the ministerial code”.

During a Commons debate on Covid-19 Bone hit out at the televised speech, primarily taking issue with the lack of parliamentary scrutiny afforded to it.

Bone said: “On page 23 under the section Ministers And Parliament, it says in bold type: ‘When Parliament is in session, the most important announcements of Government policy should be made in the first instance, in Parliament’.

“Clearly the Prime Minister’s television address breached the ministerial code.”

Bone praised Johnson’s “good job” of handling the crisis – but added that “does not excuse how badly the Government communicated its message this weekend”.

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He went on: “The television presentation by the Prime Minister was plain wrong.

“Too many of the Prime Minister’s special advisers and aides think they are running a presidential government that the Prime Minister goes on television and announces all sorts of executive orders without any reference to Parliament.

“Many of them have clearly been watching too many episodes of The West Wing.

“And they just do not understand how the Government works in the country.”

Bone went on to explain how he felt the announcement should have been made.

He said: “What should have happened was a statement should have been made in the Commons first, the Prime Minister should have been questioned by MPs.

“The command paper with the details published at the same time.

“Absolutely no media briefing in advance.

“This would have given the best launch to the changes to Government policy.”

Bone urged the UK Government to confirm the Sunday address was a “mistake” and guarantee to announce new policy in Parliament first. Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said on Monday this is what he would hope to see going forward.