UNIONIST Twitter accounts are attempting to plant seeds of doubt that the First Minister is following lockdown rules – suggesting Nicola Sturgeon is still going to the hairdresser.

In Scotland current lockdown guidelines mean hair salons are closed in efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, while Scots are not permitted to be closer than the two-metre guide with people from outside their own household.

The SNP leader has previously posted photographs of herself cutting her hair, pretty bravely we might add – for most of us at the moment if our DIY stylings go wrong we can hide away at home because we’re doing that anyway. We might get mocked on a few Zoom calls, but that’s nothing in comparison to leading an entire country and presenting daily conferences …

But Sturgeon’s own hair cutting skills must be too impressive for some, who are doubting that she took the scissors to her locks at all.

On Twitter, Unionist blogger Effie Deans posted a photograph of the First Minister adding: “Does Sturgeon’s hairdresser have six feet long scissors or is someone not following the rules?”

The post has been retweeted 143 times and liked nearly 600 times.

Another Unionist account, Bloody Politics, responded: “The FM getting her haircut might sound trivial, but if she is doing the exact opposite of what she’s demanding of us there will be big upset. Will a reporter please ask her the question, preferably one of the guy’s who shaved their hair of last weekend.”

Seeing as you only get one question per journalist at the daily briefings, we’d love to know which journalist would waste it on asking Sturgeon if she actually cut her own hair when her own photographs prove pretty decisively that she has been.

Journalist David Leask highlighted the exchange, adding: “There is a strong populist meme bouncing around Europe that leaders are getting their hair cut against rules. It’s arrived in Scotland with attacks against Nicola Sturgeon from the dysfunctional rightist end of Unionism.”

He added: "This is weird stuff, of course. But its weirdness is so predictable and unoriginal."