THE leader of Plaid Cymru has hit out at the BBC for spreading "dangerous fake news" over coronavirus. 

Adam Price was told by the BBC’s Home Affairs correspondent, Daniel Sandford, that non-essential travel between the English and Welsh borders will not be policed.

Sandford said people can drive as far as they want.

Price said: "I think this goes to the heart of the problem that the Westminster Government is having in trying to make sure the other nations march alongside them a bit. And, of course, to a degree there's some politics going on. The other nations are flexing their muscles a bit saying they're not going to take regulation from Westminster.

He continued: "There's also different concerns, infection rates are higher in Wales and Scotland at the moment so that's making people a little bit uncomfortable.

"It is the ridiculous situation where somebody who lives in England on the Welsh border can drive all the way along to the coast of East Anglia but can't cross the border five miles into Wales under these rules. To be honest with you no one's going to police that, that's just what they're asking people to do and there are different rules in different countries."

After the broadcast, Price called for the BBC to retract the statement.

He tweeted: "The BBC’s Home Affairs correspondent has said that non-essential travel between England and Wales won’t be policed. This is dangerous fake news that @BBCNews needs to urgently retract."