WE'RE dae Scots tae English owresettin the dey tae challenge oor readin comprehension an lairn new wirds.

Here’s an extrack fae Tam’s Scots airticles, published awa back in simmer 2018. Its an open letter tae Donald Trump. Gie it a read. Ony wirds ye dinnae ken, dinnae be feart, just hae a luik at dsl.ac.uk an get definitions. Pit thae definitions in yer vocab jotters.

Dear Dunderheid, The Irish gied Kennedy tae the warld. The Kenyans, Obama. Heck, even the Dutch hae kicked in wi a Roosevelt or twa. Sae can ye imagine whit a beamer it is for us tae finally snuive a loon o oor ain intae the White Hoose an find him oot tae be the presidential equivalent o a fart in a phonebox? Twa hunner an fifty odd years, an aw we’ve got tae show is a chiel that’s ten pairts Scrooge McDuck tae yin pairt Connor MacLeod – less Doctor Finlay, mair Donald Findlay.

Weel, Donald – Jock Tamson’s Bairns an aw that. Ye’re wan o us still, an mebbes aw the mair for bein sic a swaggerin disaster o a man, an oorie doppelganger o aathin we claim tae haud dear, an illustratit anatomy o Caledonian antisyzygy. An ye dae luik like wan o us. The wans ye sometimes see doon the watterfront in Greenock at the back o nine on a Thursday mornin, ploddin aboot the esplanade in the rain wi a turquoise shellsuit an a hauf bottle o wreck-the-hoose-juice, waitin for Aulds tae open its doors…

But, Donald, this job – it’s killin ye. We can aw see it. Even the wifies doon the post office hiv stairtit tae whisper it – ye’re no a weel man. That’s you hairdly even a year in an awready ye’re luikin like a nicht-shift wirker answerin the door tae the postie in his wife’s hoosecoat. Ye’re gaun aboot like a hauf-shut knife, thae mood rings unner yer drappin een turnin daurker an daurker as ye strauchle tae wirk it aw oot … Yon cockieleerie-comb o thatch on yer heid is witherin like a brain-eatin parasite that’s stairvin hauf tae deith, an the portrait o yer conscience that’s hingin ower the unkent cludgies o Mar-a-Lago has lang syne meltit awa intae a Munch paintin o the toxic waste guy fae Robocop…

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So oor challenege is tae pit a bit o this intae English. I’ll dae the first paragraph as an example, then youse can dae either the seccont or third as ye like!

The Irish gave the world Kennedy. The Kenyans, Obama. Even the Dutch contributed a couple of Roosevelts to the cause. So what an embarrassment it is for us that we finally sneak a Scot into the White House and find that he is the presidential equivalent of a fart in a phonebox. Around two hundred and fifty years, and all we’ve managed on the presidential front is a man that’s ten parts Scrooge McDuck to one part Connor MacLeod - more Donald Findlay than Doctor Finlay.

Noo gie it a go yersel! I’ll gie ye feedback in the comments section.