THE SNP have welcomed a correction from the BBC after a report on PPE guidance did not mention that it only applied to England.

On the broadcaster’s News at 10 programme on April 17 it was reported that healthcare workers had been advised to reuse protective gear if they had low stocks – but both the Scottish and Welsh government said they had not given out that guidance.

At the time the SNP submitted a complaint, stressing the need for the UK-wide public broadcaster to accurately report on the different NHSs operating throughout the four nations and telling the BBC the omission was “massively misleading”.

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The BBC published a correction on its official clarifications page, confirming the advice was not given to health workers in Scotland or Wales.

They wrote: “An interview with our correspondent about the changes to the official PPE guidance over wearing intensive care gowns omitted to mention that this related to England. Healthcare workers were advised to reuse gowns or wear different kit if stocks ran low.

“The Scottish and Welsh governments had both indicated that they would not be making changes to their guidance because they had adequate stocks.”

Responding to the clarification, an SNP spokesperson said: "We see that the BBC have recognised this type of England-only reporting is misleading and requires a published clarification and we welcome that.”

However they added that “it is quite bizarre that we still have to watch for the BBC making errors like this”.