ANOTHER one of pro-independence blogger Stuart Campbell's Twitter accounts has been locked.

Campbell, who is the creator of the Wings Over Scotland blog, is now tweeting under @SealandGazette after his @RevStu account was locked by Twitter.

The Wings Over Scotland website says the Sealand Gazette site "records the many reasons why Scotland can no longer afford to stay in the Union".

It comes a month after Campbell's Twitter account for a new pro-Yes party,@WingsPartyScot, was banned as soon as it was created.

The social media site said it broke rules "against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes".

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Campbell floated the idea of a Wings Party in August last year, telling The Times Nicola Sturgeon's party is "in a shambles".

“I think the SNP is a shambles at the moment. It doesn’t know what it’s doing," he told the newspaper.

He said he would start the ball rolling “if it looked like there wasn’t going to be a pro-independence majority, which I think is a very real danger".

Twitter has been contacted for comment.

Wings Over Scotland is the nation’s most-read political blog, with about 250,000 unique visitors a month.