SCOTTISH ministers are the most trusted in the UK when it comes to giving advice during the coronavirus crisis, according to a new poll.

A survey found 70% of people across the UK gave the highest scoring to the Scottish Government on levels of trust in providing information about Covid-19.

In contrast, only 54% said they were likely to completely trust the UK Government, with the Welsh Government on 56% and the Northern Ireland Executive on 48%.

The Survation poll, which was carried out at the end of April, found across both Scotland and the UK the Scottish Government ranked second on a list of the most trusted organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic – behind the NHS.

But the UK Government was seventh on the list in Scotland, with people more likely to trust their local council, Channel 4 News and friends and family than Number 10.

People across the UK were also more likely to have confidence in the Scottish Government than ministers at Westminster.

The UK results placed the Scottish Government second in the list of most trusted organisations, while the UK Government was in fourth place.

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Another poll, carried out by YouGov, has also found strong backing of the Scottish Government’s approach in tackling the coronavirus crisis. The survey – which has put the SNP on course for a majority in next year’s Holyrood elections – found 74% of Scots backed the response from Scottish ministers.

A majority of both Tory and Labour voters – 70% – said they believe the SNP Government is handling the pandemic well.

Just over seven out of 10 – 71% – of Scots said they had confidence in First Minister Nicola Sturgeon making the right decisions when dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, while only 40% said the same of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown welcomed the findings of the YouGov poll which he said showed “strong public confidence” in the Scottish Government and First Minister in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are in unprecedented times, and while the vast majority of the public back the steps taken so far, it is vital that we continue with that same effort to work together and heed the advice to stay at home and save lives,” he said.

“The measures introduced will undoubtedly be difficult for many families and individuals across Scotland, however it is pleasing to see people recognising the challenging situation we are in and adhering to the advice, and – regardless of political views – backing the Scottish Government’s approach.

“The SNP will continue to work constructively with other parties and governments across the UK to ensure that we tackle the coronavirus pandemic effectively and save lives.”

The poll results were also welcomed by MPs, with Pete Wishart tweeting: “Thirteen years and we still secure the support of over half the nation. Incredible.”

Glasgow South SNP MP Stewart McDonald added:“Party politics has rightly been put to one side for the time being, but this shows a strong sense of confidence in Nicola Sturgeon and our party. Our values in action will build the coalition needed to deliver independence in Europe.”

“The SNP will continue to work constructively with other parties and governments across the UK to ensure that we tackle the coronavirus pandemic effectively and save lives.”

Meanwhile, the YouGov poll also found a small decrease in support for the Scottish Tories at Holyrood, with 23% stating they would back the party at the Holyrood election next year in both the constituency and list vote. According to Ballot Box Scotland, this would mean a loss of three seats.