A FACEBOOK post shared this afternoon highlights a small gathering of "protesters" in Aberdeen calling for a stop to the UK-wide lockdown.

The post, from Fubar News, appeared to show a group of people gathered in the Castlegate area along with a banner reading "NO MORE LOCKDOWN".

Images showed police presence, but according to the post, the individuals involved refused to move.

One commenter said: "Our NHS workers, emergency services, bin men, supermarket workers etc are risking their lives every day to keep the country running. All the rest of us have to do is stay at home and do what we re told for a few months."

Another added: "Are they not aware of the spike in cases in Grampian? Everybody wants lockdown to end but it's numpties like this who are gonna make it drag on for longer."

The UK has been in lockdown since March 23, with no confirmed date as of yet as to when it will be lifted.

The Scottish Government last week published a paper detailing a possible exit plan in a bid to have an "adult conversation" with the Scottish public on future processes.

Earlier today it was confirmed that 11,927 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland, up from 11,654.

Another 44 people have died after testing positive, bringing the total death toll to 1559. 

The number of people currently in ICU has decreased since yesterday, and now stands at 108.