THREE quarters of Scots, which includes a majority of Tory and Labour voters, think the SNP Government is handling the Covid-19 crisis well.

The YouGov poll found a high level of cross-party consensus for Nicola Sturgeon’s strategy in handling the virus. 

The majority of SNP voters (85%) are happy with the Scottish Government's approach and the poll revealed a six-point increase in voting intentions for the party since December's General Election.

Those figures were nearly as high for Liberal Democrats (84%) and Labour and Tory supporters (both at 70%).

Just 19% said coronavirus is being handled badly in Scotland. 

If there was a General Election tomorrow the SNP would more than half of all votes (51%). The Conservatives are on 25%, while Labour are in third on 15%.

Nearly three quarters of Scots (71%) said they have faith in the First Minister's ability to make the right decisions, with 23% saying they do not trust her judgement. This gives Sturgeon a +48 rating overall

Scotland's Health Secretary scored -2 but more than half (60%) of respondents said they did not know enough about her to form an opinion. Likewise, the Interim Chief Medical Officer Gregor Smith had a +3 rating, despite being unfamiliar to 75% of Scots.

Confidence is high in the NHS’s handling of the outbreak and the overall quality of care in Scotland, with 89% and 82% respectively giving positive feedback.

Scots are split over Westminster's response to the virus, with 47% saying Tory politicians have handled it well and 48% not impressed.

In comparison, 59% of those in England think Boris Johnson's Government is dealing with the pandemic well, with 35% disagreeing.

Just 23% of SNP voters support the UK Government's approach, compared with 85% of Tory-voting Scots.

Westminster got the second-highest rating from the LibDems with 62% saying it is doing well, compared to only 44% of Labour voters.

Johnson has a net rating of -15. Overall, 55% of Scots believe his handling of the crisis is incompetent, compared to 40% who have faith in him.