THE UK Government is falling behind Scotland and Wales because it has not published an "exit strategy" for lifting lockdown restrictions, Keir Starmer has warned.

In a letter to Boris Johnson, the Labour leader said it was essential ministers learned the lessons from the mistakes made dealing with the crisis.

He said the UK was again in danger of lagging behind other countries – including the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales – which were already engaged in "adult" conversations with their citizens as to how the restrictions could be eased.

"Simply acting as if this discussion is not happening is not credible, especially when other governments and our own devolved administrations have been able to communicate so much more," he wrote.

"The British public have made great sacrifices to make the lockdown work. They deserve to be part of an adult conversation about what comes next. If we want to take people with us and secure their consent, this is necessary now.

"This is a national crisis and therefore needs a national response. The coming weeks require urgent preparation and planning from the Government.

"We have already seen the consequences of poor planning and preparation. That cannot happen again."

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At the daily briefing on Saturday, Home Secretary Priti Patel said the Tory government was working towards lifting lockdown measures, though it was still too early.

"We know that people are frustrated but we are not out of danger yet," she said.