AN organisation set up to show support for the emergency services has apologised after sparking a row with its "Awesome Boris Johnson" posters.

The Awesome Movement was set up in 2018 in response to concerning stories about how emergency service staff can be treated and aims to show appreciation to "everyday heroes".

The organisation, which describes itself as a "charitable organisation" on its Facebook page but is listed as a private company with Companies House, said it put up 20 posters praising the Prime Minister near Downing Street at the weekend but had since removed them.

According to comments made on its Facebook page, the Awesome Movement is "in the process of becoming a charity".

The posters had sparked backlash on social media with many pointing out that Boris Johnson has supported Tory austerity and cutting resources for the very emergency services the organisation says it wants to support.

One Twitter user wrote: "'The Awesome Movement is to show our appreciation to everyday heroes, the people that show up when we are at our most vulnerable and need help the most. The people that risk their lives to save others and people who dedicate their lives to care for us all.' Johnson? Really?"

Another said: "You're thanking him for thanking the emergency services? That's nonsense. Well done for taking it down, but what made you able to ignore Johnson's role in cutting emergency services when making this?"

But in its apology the company said it was not meant to be seen as a political statement.

Responding to the criticism, the company wrote on its Facebook and Twitter pages this afternoon: "We are feeling absolutely devastated by the upset that our Awesome Movement posters thanking Boris Johnson have caused.

"It was not intended to be a political statement.

"Our signs were inspired by Boris Johnson’s statement owing his life to the NHS and intended to highlight the incredible work that they are doing.

"The thing we feel saddest about is the possibility that our lack of judgement will detract from the message and sentiment we want to share which is one of gratitude and appreciation to the Emergency Services.

"We have no agenda other then to say thank you."

They added that they "unreservedly apologise".

The Awesome Movement has been posting pro-NHS posters near hospitals to show them support during the coronavirus crisis.

According to the company's website it aims to show thanks to NHS in a variety of ways "whether that be a thanks in the street, or buying a coffee".

The Awesome Movement has been approached for comment.

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