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FORMER Scottish secretary David Mundell was supposed to ask the first question at today's digital PMQs but ended up missing out due to a poor web connection. 

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle announced the Parliament had been "unable to connect" to the Tory MP and moved on to take the first question of the historic session from SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

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It left Mundell as the holder of the less-than-desirable title of the first MP in UK history to miss Prime Minister's Questions because of dodgy broadband ...

Of course Twitter was quick to poke fun at the Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale, and Tweeddale MP. 

SNP MP John Nicolson posted: “David Mundell we’ve been unable to connect” the Speaker says. A widely shared view. #PMQs"

Author Craig Smith shared similar sentiments, posting: "PMQs there: 'David Mundell, we have been unable to connect with...' Most of Scotland: 'Aye, us too.'"

National columnist Kirsty Strickland used the phrase "iconic" (probably not the good kind of iconic) to describe the incident.

One Twitter user found the whole situation reminiscent of the dating world ...

Ben McGowan shared the clip, adding: "When your speed dating with David Mundell goes badly."

The former Scottish secretary trended on Twitter throughout the afternoon after the moment, understandably, entertained people across the UK.

At one point Mundell informed the Chamber his internet was back up and might still be able to ask his question, but just five minutes later reporters heard it had failed once again. 

As the digital Parliament continues it will be interesting to see who else falls victims to Wi-Fi demons.

And perhaps one day Mundell will finally be able to connect ...

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