THE Sun is facing a deluge of criticism over its upbeat Good Friday front page.

“BORIS IS OUT: Now that really is a Good Friday” ran the headline after the Prime Minister left intensive care.

The overwhelmingly positive tone didn’t sit right with scores of social media users, however, who pointed out that the front page was sent to the printers on the same day it was announced 7978 people in the UK had died after contracting coronavirus.

It was an increase of 881 from the day before, with those to have died aged between 24 and 103-years old.

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One Twitter user wrote: “This is what The Sun deemed an appropriate front page.

“Considering this is the UK’s deadliest day since the outbreak I’d say this isn’t a ‘good Friday.’ Why don’t you tell that to the people who’ve lost loved ones ???”

Another put the grim death figures in context.

“More people died from coronavirus in Great Britain in 24 hours than were killed by terrorism in half a century,” he wrote.

“No, this really isn’t a ‘Good Friday’.”

Novelist Matt Haig responded: “5000 people died this week.”

Another social media user commented: “The Sun: ‘Boris is in good spirits! It really is a Good Friday!’

“980 people died yesterday alone in the UK from Covid-19. The worst day in any European country – a national catastrophe.”

Scientists4EU founder Mike Galsworthy uploaded a video to express his outrage.

Scots journalist Ross McCafferty added: “Media covered Italy like dispatches from a third world war zone when it saw numbers like this.

“Now Britain is overtaking them we're just getting breathless updates on how enthusiastic the Prime Minister's waving is.”

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