A SCOTS singer is hoping to give locked-down wannabe dancers a chance to shine on the video accompanying her new track.

Jill Brown is releasing Some Glory today, but plans to shoot the video were cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis.

The upbeat song, with a 50s bubblegum vibe, is the second she’s co-written with Lewis Gardiner, former drummer in Scottish indie band Prides.

Glasgow-based Brown is appealing to people to film up to 10 seconds of footage of them or their families dancing and send it to her via her Facebook page @JillBrownMusic with the hashtag #GloryDancingUpTheHoose.

The short clips will then be edited into a montage to accompany Some Glory, with the finished product getting its debut online.

Brown, who in a previous existence was a newsreader with STV, said: “We are all keenly aware that these are tough and challenging times.

“We’re also aware of the importance of community and the need to encourage one another to keep going and occupied.

“I thought this would be a novel way to reach out to people who’re home, some of us alone, and do something together.

“It’s also my birthday that day and since I live alone with my giant poodle, Charlie Brown, this will keep my spirits up if nothing else.”

The songstress added: “Before the lockdown, I had just finished piloting song-writing workshops with inmates at Barlinnie Prison, which were really successful.

“I have been thinking about the guys I worked with a great deal and realising just how hard it is to be cut off from others.

“Music and dancing are universal languages that transcend barriers and have a really positive effect on mental health.

“Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to be creative in our communication and inspire others.”

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