A HED a hert-stound whan A redit The Wee Ginger Dug’s artikil (April 7) anent the waant o onie offeishwal merkin o the 700t anniversar o the Declarautioun o Aberbrothock.

The stammiegaster he hed wes the verra samen as thon at lang bene tholed bi thur buddies at ettil at Scots be-in a veive leid upheized bi the Scots Gubernament. Aiblins thai maun consither at the Scots tung is sicna strang vittal at it wuidna be ti the gust o the vottars. Thai aiblins a halpit a bittie wi giein siller ti the Scots Language Dictionaries bot the’r hinna bene mukkil ayont thon. Oniegates, we nou hae a modren editioun o the Concise Scots Dictionary (CSD).

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Hit isna anerlie the Guberment. Bodies lik the Saltire Society had gied owre onie speik o Scots bot fur Maistres Scott (the guidwyfe o the umquhyle Paul Henderson Scott). Thusgates it is mair importand nir ivver at the Scots collum in The National gaes forrit as furthie as aye. Wi the CSD it is one o the Scots inchis in a sei o Inglish.

Wuid the ying owthars o the Scotch artkil pleise no tak affront gif A speired at thaim ti hae an antrin glisk at the CSD tan pit mair o the auld rauchil tung bak intil uise.

Iain WD Forde

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