DOMINIC Raab has acknowledged that those working on the front lines to tackle coronavirus will be formally recognised.

However, the Foreign Secretary stopped short of confirming whether or not NHS staff would be given a pay rise.

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Raab, currently deputising for Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is receiving hospital treatment for the virus, was asked during the Government’s daily briefing whether health staff deserved a rise.

He said: “There will be a moment when we look at how we formally recognise all of those on the front line who have done so much to pull us through this very difficult period for our country.”

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Raab also urged people across the country to consider those working on the front lines if they are considering not following the Government’s measures ahead of the bank holiday.

He said: “Above all, as we go into this long bank holiday weekend, I think people should think very long and hard, not just about the guidance and the importance of keeping it up, but about what happens to those on the NHS front line who are doing a heroic job, if people in large numbers don’t comply with those rules.

“I would urge everyone just to take a moment before they do anything, however warm it is, however great the temptation, just to think about the sacrifices those on the front line, particularly in our NHS, are making.”

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